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Megumilk - deephouse.com podcast/interview #002

Megumilk - deephouse.com podcast/interview #002

It's time for our second deephouse.com podcast and we have none other than one of our favorite artists from Tokyo, DJ Megumilk. She took some time to answer some questions for us, which you can read below in English and Japanese.

Please check the podcast track listing after the interview, which has links to purchase the tracks in the mix.

For deep house fans outside of Japan who may not be familiar with you, can you tell us a bit about your music background and how you got into house music and DJing?

There’s the fact that my parents ran a music classroom, which meant I started learning classic piano from the age of 3, as well as electronic piano, cornet and Japanese Taiko drums.

I started listening to jazz a lot through the influence of my electronic piano teacher, and with that, I got really in to all kinds of music genres from England. At first I was DJing drum n bass music. And then, going through techno and minimal music, I reached house music where it’s possible to have a more free approach.

What do you think makes the Tokyo deep house scene unique?

Parties with notable DJs from overseas are increasing, even if they are unknown in Japan, and it’s towards an environment where listening to deep house is becoming more accessible.

Your selections are always solid in your mixes. What is your approach in constructing a set?

I am always thinking about whether the person listening can get really absorbed in to the music, and I always believe in my gut instinct, selecting tracks that I like. What I pay most attention to is making beautifully delicate mixes and then a bold unfolding.

I think my characteristic style, especially when DJing in the club, is to throw out some unexpected turns.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Yasuji Murai (Music therapist, Psychiatrist). He was a professor at one of the seminars from my music college. He taught me that when music and the power that people have come together, music expresses an incredible healing power, and that this could be communicated to people.

Can you tell us about a moment or a song that has changed your life towards music?

When I went to Norman Jay’s Good Times party at Notting Hill Carnival in England, I saw everyone, from young to old dancing with smiles on their faces, and that was the moment I saw firsthand how happy music could make people.

What would be your dream collab?

My dream collab would be to do a party in Japan with Chicago house DJs Heather and Diz.

What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ (especially a female one)?

Just give it a go. Go to parties, and feel the music from the bottom of your heart and move to the groove with your whole body!

Keep a look out for exclusive mixes from world class artists in future podcasts.




実家が音楽教室ということもあり、3歳からクラシックピアノを習い始め、電子ピアノ、コルネット、和太鼓なども演奏しました。 電子ピアノの先生の影響でジャズをよく聴くようになる中、イギリスの様々なジャンルの音楽に夢中になり、DJ当初はドラムンベースをプレイしていました。



日本では無名でも海外の刺激的なDeep HouseDJが来日するパーティが増えること、もっと気軽にディープハウスを聴く環境が増えること。


常に聴く人が音楽に夢中になれることを考えると共に、自分の感覚を信じて好きな曲をセレクトします。 そして一番気を使っていることは、美しく繊細なミックスと大胆な展開。 特に現場では、予想もつかない様な展開をすることが私らしいプレイだと思っています。


村井靖児(音楽療法士・精神科医) 音楽大学のゼミの教授で、音楽と人間が持つ力が一つになった時に音楽はとてつもない力と癒しを発揮し、人に伝えることができることを教えてもらいました。


イギリスのノッティングヒルカーニヴァルでNorman JayのGood Timesのパーティに行った時に、子供から老人まで皆笑顔で踊っている姿を見て、音楽がこんなにも人を幸せにするのを目の当たりにした瞬間でした。


日本でシカゴハウスDJのDJ HeatherとDizのパーティをすることです。



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