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Ricardo Torres - deephouse.com podcast/interview #003

Ricardo Torres - deephouse.com podcast/interview #003

The deephouse.com podcast is back again, this week our mix is by Ricardo Torres from Los Angeles, also host of the well-esteemed Nu Disco Your Disco radio show which airs every Sunday on the d3ep radio network. If you haven't listened to Ricardo's selections, you're in for a treat. The Montreal native has had a wholesome house music upbringing and we're happy to have him on this week's deephouse.com podcast.

How did you get started with DJing and/or getting into the underground scene?

I started in 1986 (!). I discovered my college radio station and decided to join as I have always been a music lover. I learned to mix on their Technics 1800 (not a typo) with New Wave music and the rest as they say is history. A year later I became a resident at an Industrial Music club called The Thunderdome in Montreal. This is where I first cut my teeth at club DJing.

Being originally from a diverse city as Montreal, how has it helped your upbringing as a DJ? Who were your biggest influences growing up?

The Thunderdome, even if it was and Industrial Club, is really where I discovered Underground Music. In Montreal we had a very diverse underground at the time. I got my first taste of House Music from the other DJs at the club who use to go back and forth to Chicago and bring new music. As far as influences growing up I have to say my parents. They introduced me to Disco when I was a kid.

You've played alongside many big names over the years, which ones were your favorite?

That is way too hard to pick one. All the guys that I have played with over the years, Jay J, Miguel Migs, Mark Farina, Marques Wyatt, DJ Heather, Jask, Grant Nelson, among others are friends too. They are all my favorites. They all have influenced me musically in way or another.

Now that your home is in LA, which parties would you recommend checking out?

With out a doubt the weekly Unity, Revival, and any Marques Wyatt’s DEEP event.

Can you tell us a bit about your mix?

This one is very different for me. I am known for playing mainly Nu Disco and lots of edits but I decided to go a little on the left side of Deep House with this mix. It’s music that I love but that I don’t get the chance to pay that often as a certain sound is expected from me when I play out.

What is your "go-to" tracks these days when you're playing?

That also changes all the time as there is so much great music out there but I always come back by any track that is produced by Satin Jackets as that is always a winner on the dance floor.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

Well, music is my hobby or professional hobby as I call it. In my other life I’m a VFX Supervisor and Artist for feature films and commercials. That is my everyday career and what pays the bills. And I love to do that too as it is still creative and I get a chance to ‘mix’ moving images.

Podcast Track Listing

  1. Eddie Amador "Psycho X-Girlfriend" (Acapella)
  2. Martin Brodin "Badabing"
  3. Khan feat. Julee Cruise "Say Goodbye" (Losoul Shes Homel)
  4. Frankie Dep, 2nd Sequel "Just For Me & You" (Dake Remix)
  5. Bedouin "Hologram"
  6. Sezer Uysal "Endless Hope"
  7. Musumeci "Clausius"
  8. Kelly Khumalo "Asine" (aFrikaSoul Deep House Remix)
  9. Frederick Stone "Hope"
  10. Roi Okev "Never Sleep"
  11. Solomun "Something We All Adore"
  12. AM Roots "He Africa feat. Fred Mthembu" (Main Mix)
  13. Powel "Black Hole"
  14. Boddhi Satva feat. Kaysha "Mama Kosa" (Atjazz Astro Dub)
  15. Afterlife "Never Before" (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Mix)
  16. Damir Pushkar "Sweet Things"
  17. Mokoomba & Gregor Salto "Welele"
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