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Mr. Bootsauce - deephouse.com podcast/interview #006

Mr. Bootsauce - deephouse.com podcast/interview #006

This week we bring it to you from the US west coast in LA with a special mix from Mr. Bootsauce, who is also a resident at Unity: Deep Inside House, a weekly house event right in the heart of Hollywood. Never a stranger to infectious beats and basslines, this Montreal native has always had a love affair with house music, and has delivered us a nicely packed hour of deep vibes. Enjoy!

So, how did your love affair with house/underground music come about?

I've always been intrigued by music. Literally every aspect of it. I studied jazz as a drummer growing up in my native town of Montreal, Canada - so I was surrounded by some amazing talent, which also includes everybody in the underground house scene. At that time, I was more focused on playing live and honing in on my instrument (drums), but I always had a love affair with house, and I knew it would be a matter of time before I would get completely immersed in this world.

Being originally from a diverse city as Montreal, how has it helped your upbringing as a producer and DJ? Who were your biggest influences growing up?

My first introduction to house music was thanks to local legend Fred Everything at the Groove Society in Montreal. I just remember that night like it was yesterday. I've always been a sucker for deep frequencies, especially when the bass lines are just right, so couple that with an amazing sound system and you've got me hooked. Other really awesome parties were at DiSalvio's with JoJo Flores and of course everything going on at Stereo, Gallery, etc.

Now that your home is in LA, which parties would you recommend checking out?

Definitely check out Unity (shameless plug), where myself and Christi Mills strive to deliver some of the best local and international talent. Also, the DEEP, Revival, Rhonda, Incognito & West Coast Soul parties always deliver some of the best vibes.

I've had the privilege to be a part of many music "cliques" over the years, but I have to say, the underground house scene anywhere in the world is an incredibly welcoming set of people. Bad vibes don't exist, and for most it's all about the therapy the music provides. To me that's fascinating, especially in a big place like L.A.

Can you tell us a bit about your mix?

I've always been told that my mixes always provide a steady amount of infectious grooves. With this mix, I'm aiming to either get your night going or keeping it going with some unreleased selections.

What is your "go-to" tracks these days when you're playing?

Way too many to name here, but I've been always attracted to anything coming out of the UK as well as anything on Salted Music (Miguel Migs' label).

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

I'm a die-hard Montreal Canadiens fan (Hockey). Just like music, hockey is almost considered as a religion in Montreal. It was only natural for me to not only grow up playing hockey (yes, I still play on ice here in LA), but follow it regularly. By day, I'm an entrepreneur in various online businesses. I've been lucky enough to sustain this lifestyle in order to leave behind some of my art, which is music.

Podcast Track Listing

  1. Show Me Love (Bacanito Bootleg Mix) - Rocco vs Robin S
  2. Light Up The Night - Sebb Junior
  3. Never Get Enough (Deep Mix) - Da Sunlounge Feat. Mikey V
  4. So Hot - Soledrifter
  5. Take Me Up (Original Mix) - Mr Bootsauce & Stu G
  6. No Fool (Original Mix) - Jeremy Sylvester
  7. I Do It Naturally (Original Mix) - Demarkus Lewis
  8. Mr. Bootsauce - Say Baby
  9. Changes (Original Mix) - Sandy Rivera
  10. Hubba Hideout - Dilby
  11. Too Long (Siege Remix) - Romanthony, Siege
  12. Discotek (Original Mix) - Henry St. Social
  13. My Own Groove (Original Mix) - Mr. Bootsauce & Stu G
  14. All I See Is You (Original Mix) - Full Intention
  15. Afterlife "Never Before" (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Mix)
  16. BOSS (Original Mix) - Disclosure
  17. Feel Like Getting Down (Original Mix) - DJ Mes
  18. That Girl - LKiD
  19. Body Moves (Body Love Mix) - Miguel Migs

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