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Jessy U - deephouse.com podcast #009

Jessy U - deephouse.com podcast #009

Our 9th podcast is here and it's a special one. We're happy to introduce an up and coming talent, Jessy U. Jessy plays deep tech house, crafting lush sets that are musically interesting with solid programming. We had the pleasure of sitting down with her for an interview and she's made a mix exclusively for deephouse.com.

Hi Jessy! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to make a mix for us. You've only been DJing for a year and a half and you already have an established sound and have built up quite a following. How did you get started?

I started DJing by chance. It started when I came across a famous male DJ who was holding an audition to mentor a female DJ. I was initially working as a dancer, and one of my ties through that at the time put in a word for me. So I was selected, and I received lessons once a week for about 4 months.

Do you have a musical background? Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

My parents were in a soul band, and I took piano and drum lessons, as well as playing saxophone and trombone in school club activities. I’ve also been taking dance lessons since I was young so I always had music around me. I like all music regardless of genre, but I think I’ve been listening to R&B the longest.

How would you describe your approach to making a mix?

Generally speaking I make sure that I take a thorough approach in creating a story and outlook. I try not to mix up too many different sounds together messily, but to create a sense of unity throughout, and I think that is more my style. I really want to develop that skill so that I can express that as a DJ on the floor.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring female DJs?

Don’t forget to have fun. There might be times where you get nervous, and you feel pressure feeling that things have to be a certain way, but if you keep working at it so that you feel confident in your music, then I think people will definitely come and listen to it.

Personally, I think it would be great if we start to see more female DJs playing powerful music.

Podcast Tracklisting

  1. Yoko O & In2Deep - Of Sorrow (David Durango Remix)
  2. Township Rebellion - Expression (HRRSN Remix)
  3. AudioVirus - Schimmerlos (Rene Bourgeois Remix)
  4. Craig Hamilton - Make Music (Francesco Dinoia Dub Mix)
  5. Mike Robia - Trust Me (Original Mix)
  6. Valer den Bit - Earthreal Tenderness (Original Mix)
  7. Felix Cage, Sascha Cawa - Mirage Feat. Lazarusman (Original Mix)
  8. N'Pot - Redemption (Original Mix)
  9. Baccarat - Seven (Original Mix)
  10. The Deepshakerz feat. Robert Owens - Reach (Hermanez Remix)
  11. Modd - Sensive Style (Original Mix)
  12. Shur-i-Kan - Deep In My Heart (Original Mix)
  13. Bedran - Time to Talk (Original Mix)
  14. Donatello, Arnas D, Stefano Richetta - This Is (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
  15. DJ Vivona - Polaris (Vince Watson Alternative Mix)
  16. Jan Blomqvist - Empty Floor (DeVante Extended Remix)


Hi Jessy! 忙しい中ミックスを作って頂いてありがとうございました。DJを始めて一年半しか経っていませんが、もう既に自分のサウンドも作り上がってますしフォロワーも沢山いますね。DJを始めたのはどのようなきっかけでしたか?









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