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Midori Aoyama - deephouse.com podcast #008

Midori Aoyama - deephouse.com podcast #008

For our 8th podcast, we're excited to introduce Midori Aoyama. Midori is a DJ, producer and party organizer who has been gracing the nightlife of Tokyo for a few years and has become one of the main forces for quality dance music in Japan. In addition to running his own label, Farplane, he hosts a regular event called EUREKA! at the some of the most popular venues in Tokyo, bringing in artists such as Reel People, Atjazz, Kyodai, Detroit Swindle and Mad Mats.

Hi Midori! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and how you got into house music and DJing?

I got into house music first time in 2006 with Rasmus Faber’s compilation CD called ‘’So Far’’. It’s made me crazy about House music and I went club after I met this music. Then, few years later, I lived in UK and got real underground style. I wasn’t really doing DJ that time. But after I came back from UK, I had some idea and I wanted to start my project. Then I started DJ and making party with my friends…

What is your approach in constructing a set? Is it different when you're making studio mixes vs playing live?

Basically I always plan when I do studio mix. I try to make some concepts and pick few tracks to suits for the concepts. But live DJing is totally opposite. I don’t really make a plan when I play in club. I just see people, floor and sound then try to pick right tune.

Who are your biggest musical influences? Do you have any favorite producers at the moment?

One of my biggest musical influence is Rasmus Faber, he made me into house music. Also Mad Mats from Local Talk. He also gave me huge music influence for me. He is DJing and running label almost 20 years and still playing all over the world. He gave me so many good advice and support to survive music business. He is my best music teacher now ;)

You have a well-earned reputation for throwing great events and bringing top talent to Tokyo. Do you have details about your next Eureka! party?

Well… we’ve just done previous EUREKA! party with Adesse Versions last week and I’m planning next project. We still need to fix a lot of stuff to announce next party. But I could tell we are going to next stage in 2017. So please wait my next shout and hope you guys like it.

Podcast Tracklisting

  1. Adesse Versions - Ebony Roses
  2. Markus Enochson - Don't Let Me Down Easy (Lay-Far Remix)
  3. Sameed - Spent (Money Fo Dub)
  4. Adesse Versions - E to E (Ge-Ology remix feat. MdCL)
  5. Detroit Swindle - Future imperfect (Frits Wentink remix)
  6. Cuthead - Deep In My Soul
  7. DJ Aakmael - Daydreeming (Rimbaudian Remix)
  8. Move D - Your Personal Healer (Hydraulic guitar by JuJu) (Original Mix feat. Juju)
  9. Adesse Versions - Tout it
  10. Mr. G - Danceholic’s
  11. Kaytronik - Boy
  12. Seven Davis Jr - Soul Music
  13. Urulu - Lullaby
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Exclusive Track: "Some Love" by GIOM

Exclusive Track: "Some Love" by GIOM