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Husky – deephouse.com podcast #019

Husky – deephouse.com podcast #019

This week we welcome the very talented DJ/Producer Husky, hailing all the way from Sydney Australia. Husky has remixed and signed for Defected, Loulou Records, Salted Music, Purple, Blacksoul, LAY, Connect:d, and his own 2 labels RSR & Bobbin Head Music. Knowing the studio route like the back of his hand, Husky has bound his DJ fury with relentless production skills just perfectly, also teaming up with old music mate Yogi on collaborative projects Random Soul and Random Soul Recordings. Taking it to the world, Husky is keeping that signature house and nu- disco vibe beautiful across his musical landscape. Enjoy!

How did you get started with music? Or what was your first introduction to it?

I came from a very musical household with my father playing trumpet and piano when he was younger, so I feel there was something in my DNA (even though I can't play anything myself). There was always house parties and social events with the music playing it's role and I guess this kinda rubbed off on me. Everything from early soul, classical, 60's rock, motown to disco. It was these early memories that I take with me now as a producer. I then found my dance music roots from working at McDonalds, funnily enough. A few friends who i worked with we're aspiring dj's and I enjoyed watching them and was hooked on seeing them merge 2 tracks together. Stylisitcally I kinda liked a bit of everything, so it wasn't until I was out clubbing and I was getting exposed to the likes of Carl Cox, Dimitri From Paris, Derrick Carter, Miguel Migs, Roger Sachez etc where I found my love for all things house.

Have you always been into production? What got you into it?

Not really as I was a DJ first. I started Djing professionally in 2003, and was doing this for a few years solo and playing with my buddy Yogi. Then when I learned he had signed a record with Miguel Migs I knew I also wanted to take that path. We joined up and formed Random Soul in 2005 and started working on a stack of tracks, then in 2007 I decided I wanted to also have a crack and start working on music myself. It was a long and frustrating road to learn pro Tools, however I am glad I did it now. Music production is not something that you become a master at in 3-4 years anyway, I am still learning and (trying to) perfect my music every day. It's a never ending cycle in the search for perfection!

What made you want to start your own label, Bobbin Head Music?

To be perfectly honest I was kinda sick of sending out demo's and either getting no reply at all (because I didn't know the right people) or I got a lot of rejection. This obviously led to a few sleepless nights and career shattering moments where I questioned whether I was good enough to actually be a 'producer'. Something I am sure a lot of people can relate to. It's torture! BUT, I thought, F*** it. I'll back myself. I have a little money I can put towards it and at least then i can decide when to release my music, how to, and who can remix it, all of these kinda decisions are taken away from you when signing to other labels (mostly, along with all your money, hopes and dreams haha). Having this control gives me a great sense of pride, in what I am building and the feeling that longevity in the business can be done if you uphold your true loves and values.

Being from Australia, you know there's a lot of great talent floating around. How's the overall scene down under?

It's a great scene and it seems to be sprouting amazing talent daily! Although like anything, it has it's positives and negatives. The reality is I am able to play 3-6 gigs a week here in various venue's playing a diverse range of house, disco and hip hop. To me that's what I always loved about seeing a DJ, seeing them surprise the crowd and take them on a journey, so I look at it that way and it works well for me here. I love seeing fellow aussies killing it though, so the last 5-10 years it's been amazing to see some of the worlds leading artists call Australia home. We do have huge festivals and a lot of weekly events, more so in summer with outdoor pop up style events on boats and even floating pontoons. So there is a lot going on, However the local government came down hard on the Sydney music scene a few years ago and imposed strict curfew laws that cut the nightlife in half. A 24 hour city went to being locked out of venue's by 130 and last drinks at 3am. The only venue's exempt from this are the casino, so it's not really an inspiring feeling that the Government really had the best interests of it's citizens when they happily push people to a casino as the last option. Sad times, but with struggle comes reward and I believe the true workers of the scene stand tall and continue to kick goals locally and internationally.

Which parties do you absolutely recommend?

All of them! Support should be spread evenly :)

Anything new on the horizon for 2017?

As always I am ticking over in the studio and working like crazy on a stack of different projects that will hopefully be jumping out of your speakers in the next few months! I have a single out now called 'Movin On' and I have just finished another that will come in Early April called 'Ready For Your Love'. It features UK Soul singer, Kadija Kamara and I have Jackin House legend Angello Ferreri and Disco's latest rising star, Cavego doing a remix on that one. Random Soul have about another 4- 5 singles we are kicking around and will start shopping some bits around to labels soon. On the tour front, I am back at Karma Beach Club in Bali in May and I am also planning a US tour in August. Very looking forward to visiting some friends and playing some exciting shows in the USA, as I have not been to the states for a number of years now. I will also be up in Amsterdam for ADE this year after sitting out last year to focus on some music. I'll be doing my best to pen in some dates for that soon also!

What would be your dream artist collab? Dead or alive.

There is actually so many I could mention here that I would love to work with. MJ, Randy Crawford, Etta James, Frankie Knuckles, Crystal Waters, Quincy Jones. The list is endless!

Lastly, what is it about music that always keeps you interested?

Evolution. Someone is always changing the game every few years, and this opens us all up to new possibilities, new sounds and methods. To me it's as exciting and new as ever, however the attachment to classic instruments and sounds will always enable records made 20 years ago to sound current. A great record will always touch you, and that's the power of music.

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