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Oscar P - deephouse.com podcast #013

Oscar P - deephouse.com podcast #013

This week we take it back to the west coast with one of the hardest working producers and DJ, Oscar P. Originally from NYC, this dance music veteran has experienced and played alongside many legends. Being the label head for Kolour and Open Bar Music, Oscar has no plans of stopping any time soon - in fact, he's just getting started by also being one of the main organizers behind the West Coast Weekender, which is set to see it's 2nd edition in San Diego this year.

2 years ago you relocated from NYC to San Diego. How has Cali been treating you?

Life changes are timely. People tend to make moves in life when they are ready for a serious change. The decision to move was based on Quality Of Life. I’m blessed that can truly work and make music from anywhere on the planet. It also helps that I was already wired into the SoCal scene a few years prior to moving via Dive, Souleil, West Coast Soul, and Art Of Sound. The support was already there, and I’m happy I made the move. New York is where I was raised. San Diego is where I live.

The 2nd edition of the West Coast Weekender is set in May 2017. Tell us a little more about it.

The partners in crime once again are Soul On Beat, The Deep End, SD Union, and I’LL House You. We have some plans in place with an aim to make it a better experience, with a line up that exceeds what we did in year one. I think we’re close to that right now, and I can’t wait to get the line up details out into the Universe. We will have a phase one artist announcement very soon. Check out the West Coast Weekender site for updates.

You've also been in the scene not only in the states but overseas, what are you favorite spots to play or hang out at?

I live and make music in 2 worlds. The afro side, and the deep side. So I’ve been fortunate to play and establish myself in both scenes in Europe as well as the US. 2016 I was very busy traveling to Italy, Amsterdam, and Croatia. I also played in Mexico twice, ending the year with a great event in Baja, Mexico for New Years Eve. Favorite places to play def have to be Italy, London, Germany. The Bay area is always a great time, and we can’t forget Brooklyn.

Can you tell us a little bit about your mix?

We have a deep house set, that at times gets very techy. As always I try and keep it as underground as possible. These days I only make and play music I truly love.

What are your go-to tracks these days?

These days I’m enjoying work from Hyenah, Norty Cotto, Toto Chiavetta, N’dinga Gaba, Doug Gomez, everything on MoBlack Records, Manoo, Pascal Morais, Kiko Navarro, Pablo Fierro, Jimpster, Boddhi Satva, De Cave Man, Enoo Napa, and DJ Satelite. Just got a great track from my boys Benji Candelario and Arnold Jarvis out on Defected. I love music. I am influenced by everyone, and everything.

Your new album is making the rounds. What's on the horizon this year and beyond?

Right now the new album is performing well. “The Last Ronin” is out in shops as we speak, and Im in the middle of prepping a tour for 2017 to promote the album. The album features contributions from artists such as Lea, Afro Rebel Sound System, Angel-A, Robert Owens, Mark Farina, Soul Minority, Ade Alafia, Enoo Napa, Toshi, Xolisa, TechTonic Tay, DjHydro, Preach and many more. I have a lot of new material for 2017. We have a few projects and collaborations with Norty Cotto, Ivan Gregory, Cris Herrera, and Joe Pea in the works.

The Last Ronin by Oscar P Open Bar Music http://www.traxsource.com/title/716771/the-last-ronin

Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

I’m a huge fan of combat sports. This past year my love for martial arts returned and I started studying Iaido techniques & training. It’s a great way to hone in and focus. My boy Chris Alvarez dragged me down there kicking and screaming on a Sat morning. The rest of the story tells itself. Something new and challenging where I didn’t get punched or kicked in the face everyday. We’ll leave that to the 21 year olds.

Any Last Words?

Find me at https://oscarp.bandcamp.com

Exclusive Track/Mix: “10 Years of Soulgasm” mixed by The Wizard Brian Coxx

Exclusive Track/Mix: “10 Years of Soulgasm” mixed by The Wizard Brian Coxx

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