We’re proud to exclusively feature one of the most respected house music parties in the world, SOULGASM, celebrates their ten-year anniversary by releasing a compilation courtesy of Good For You Records, mixed by their resident DJ – The Wizard Brian Coxx.

The party started a decade ago in a small Lower East Side club, the now defunct, SIN SIN, when the world’s leading house music dancer, E-Joe teamed up with one of New York City’s most beloved promoters/hostesses, Kim Reddness Hayes, and the aforementioned Brian Coxx. It didn’t take long for the word to get out that a quality, underground event was going on each and every Wednesday night, and before long the legends of NYC’s rich House Music culture came out to spin guest spots for crowds of House Music dancers, poppers, lockers, uprockers, and just about any style of dance you can imagine. Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, DJ Spinna, The Martinez Brothers, Jellybean Benitez; these are just a fraction of the special guest DJs who’ve come through to rock Soulgasm over the years.

This mix, almost an hour long, compiled by The Wizard Brian Coxx, contains tracks from NYC house legends like Lenny Fontana, Big Will Rosario, and Kenny Summit, along with cuts by Goddam Kids, Morsy, Boogie Down Dee Jays, and even Brian Coxx himself. All in all this is a solid representation of the diverse sounds you would expect to hear at a Soulgasm event.

Out exclusively on Traxsource on Friday Jan 27th courtesy of Good For You Records.

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