I met Philip in the late ’90’s at the warehouse parties that he and his many cohorts produced under the moniker “Earthone”. Earthtone was the first group of lads to bring the renegade sound system to the local Atlanta Piedmont Park. Many have tried to duplicate their efforts – all have fallen short of the vibe and diversity that this group brought with them. For many Philip, and his crew brought the love of house music – deep house to be exact. Philip’s love for the music come thru in this mix titled “Positive Feedback”. Please enjoy and share the vibes……

Thanks Philip!!!

My man, Deep! What can I say? This brother has been there and done that! I’m very proud to have DJ Deep C on deephouse.com! ENJOY and SHARE!

A word from Deep C:
“Deep Space Love From The Outer Reaches Of The Universe! Zen Master. DJ. Dad. Shoegazer. Music Maker. Dreamer of Dreams. Poker Player. Wamdue Kid, Tigerhook Jedi. I kept it short and sweet because if you really want to know, spend some time with me and you’ll find out. 1st off, I’m too busy/lazy to post my dj schedule day after day, week after week. That’s what event pages and feeds are for.

I’m Minneapolis born, raised in Detroit, seasoned in Atlanta, and currently rockin Philly! Started collecting music in 1979 at the tender age of 7 years old. Luckily, the radio stations in Detroit were truly ahead of its time and I was exposed to all kinds of good music thanks to the Electrifying Mojo. A member of the prestigious Balance Record Pool which was one of the world’s best. Started dj’ing in 1990 after graduating high school and in 1993, hooked up with Chris Udoh and Chris Brann in Atlanta and formed the Wamdue Kids. After 8 years of making music and touring the world djing, Wamdue split up. Chris Udoh and I continued on with a new crew of heads called Tigerhook. The crew consisted of Udoh, Randall Jones, Hito, Hollis P. Monroe, Pat Parker, Phil Charles, Mark Pappas, Rodrigo Ramirez and I. We were based out of Philly and held down several weekly & monthly residencies.

Now I’m producing music again and back the saddle. Was throwing events and shows as ROC but separated recently as a partner and now throwing events as Adults At Play as well as hosting a parties as Dirty Dirty Beats. As a dj, I held down residencies at various prestigious places like Fabric (UK), Smart Bar (Chicago), KGB-Mission (Miami), Nomenclature (Atl), Viper Room (L.A.), and Tresor (Berlin). In Philly, I had one of the longest running House Parties ever (7 years) at Soma that hosted local and international guests and pushed the music in all genres. I also worked at Satellite Records in NYC while commuting from Philly and doing it all. I’m an avid book reader, avid music listener, and avid mind thinker.”

Spring Fling with Kevin O

Kevin O —  May 5, 2014 — 1 Comment

A collection of tracks that I’m currently playing. Please enjoy.

The pic might not look too spring-y, but trust me, that is what spring looks like on the Deathstar šŸ˜‰

Atlanta’sĀ Rob DowellĀ (warm art, cardio) has been an important part of the local dance music community for quite some time. For those behind the scenes, we also know that Rob has played an important role as a visual artist as well. His work can be seen through the end results of many event flyers, artist websites, and more. Rob found his calling with music many years ago. His approach to DJing is nothing short of a display of care, respect, and knowledge for the music, its history, and those on the dance floor. Rob has crafted this over many years, going back to the days of Simon’s in Gainesville, FL.

Hailing fromĀ Macedonia, brother Bobi is a great addition to the night life in Atlanta, his current residence. Bobi has been djingĀ for around 8 years and has developed a very unique sound in his short time as a music slinger. Upon meeting Bobi I immediately picked up on his passion for life, food and music! He is a refreshing character in the ever growing dj scene in Atlanta. Please treat yourself to the stylings of our friend and brother, Bobi.

This one takes me back. It’s from my early days after I started playing out regularly. This was a live recording from a party in Atlanta at The Masquerade called Silk. It was recorded onto a cassette tape recorder (remember those!?) I brought to the club. This 16-year-old cassette recording has been transferred to digital, cleaned up (as much as possible) and mastered.

The first half is deep and tribal and the second half goes into funky Chicago house. I was still developing my aggressive and long mixing style during this time so it’s a little loose in places. This tape, along with my first cassette tape release Cement Galoshes (which is currently being mastered, as well, and coming soon!), got in the hands of a big promoter in the Midwest and helped take my DJ career to the next level.

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

This is a studio mix by Kevin O that is dedicated to the music that we love. Deep vibes. Enjoy and share!

In Atlanta, the parties at the Sampson St. Lofts in Old 4th Ward were notorious for many reasons. This past summer, the last party EVER was held with some of the best DJs in the city coming out. This is an unusual set because it’s more techno than people are used to hearing from Kevin O. There is no tracking listing, but it’s a great set, so enjoy!


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Welcome to deephouse.com. We are glad to be back! This is our very humble new beginning after years being dormant. Right now, it’s just Steven Sacks and Kevin O, with some other familiar faces coming soon. Thank you for visiting us and please bear with us as we continue to improve the site, adding multiple contributors and bringing you the very best in house music, including mixes, tracks, and reviews.

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This set was recorded live at Necto on September 28th, 2013. I had a blast playing in Detroit for the first time in years.