sam wills electrified

With “Electrified”, singer/songwriter Sam Wills makes it evident that time and patience are key for success.

The 23-year old artist from East Sussex, UK has taken time to find his sound. With inspirations like Jordan Rakei, Grades, Tom Misch, and more, Wills has turned his inspirations into aspirations. After 18-months in the studio, Wills has finally compiled his EP, “So Bright”, which is set to release May 13th. In this time, Wills had teamed up with Sam Knowles, better known as, Karma Kid to create his hit song “Electrified”. Knowles, a 21-year old DJ from Derbyshire, has worked with name artists like, Friend Within and Yasmin to make “Feeling (So Special)”, which appeared on Red Bull’s presentation of Monki & Friends EP.

In music, a lot can happen in thirty seconds. The first eight seconds of “Electrified” is comprised of echoes and rhythmic pulses of the chorus. From there, the track courses into an 808/heartbeat beat that sets up Wills for an infectious and catchy chorus. With uses of snares, synths, beat claps and a few band instruments, Karma Kid encompasses Wills’s genre of R&B and reimagines it into a body shaking track.

With over a million plays on Spotify and 95,000 plays on SoundCloud, “Electrified” is undeniably a new jam. But fear not, the four-track EP doesn’t leave Karma Kid in the dust. The album’s title track “So Bright” is another masterpiece by Karma Kid. These two are turning out to be a great team, much like British artists Sam Smith and Disclosure. Sam Wills incorporates different genres and vocal elements in his work, it’s invigorating to think of what this EP has to offer.

This track is all but crying out for a deep house remix.

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Kaylee is a full-time college student from Atlanta, Georgia. As a child, her grandfather and aunt played a spectrum of timeless music, like Santana, Luther Vandross, Justice, and Daft Punk. Because of her love of music, her family got her her first guitar at age 13. Since then, she’s had the desire to be a songwriter, and began writing and composing her own music. She started attending guitar lessons but found that they weren’t extremely helpful, so she taught herself. Kaylee’s aspired to be a music journalist, starting her own music blog in 2013,, that has a worldwide audience. When she’s not immersed in the music world, she’s focusing on her classes as a communications major. When something catches her eye, Kaylee also enjoys landscape photography.