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“If you want to say something, say it now”. Okay, I think Zac Samuel has outdone himself.

Back in 2013, the Filipino-English singer covered Disclosure’s most popular track “Latch”. Her cover received so much praise that a few short months later, she signed with the duo’s own label. From here, Harding flew into the studio. Her first track “Say Something” was a breath a fresh air. Critics were impressed because they felt that it brought back powerful vocals to house music. Because of her style and vision, the UK knew who Karen Harding was in a little under a year. Because of this, at age 24, Harding’s track had peaked on the UK Singles Chart.

Zac Samuel, a producer from Brighton, remixed Karen Harding’s original track “Say Something” into something more than a love song. Harding’s track was primarily composed of empowering vocals with a hint of electro-funk. With such lyrics like “Baby, if you wanna say something, say it now/ Cause I ain’t got the time to be waiting around”, Harding wrote an infectious pleading love song. Samuel’s three-and-a-half-minute track catches attention within the first five seconds. From Harding’s repeated lyrics to Samuel’s use of electronic elements, this track has a great build up to a never-ending earworm. The first minute of this track has a great combination of vocal distortion, piano chords and beat claps. Samuel found inspiration in Harding’s already catchy song and created something that could never be forgotten.

With remixes of Years & Years’ “Desire” and Kiesza’s “Hideaway”, Samuel makes it apparent that he searches for the needle in the haystack. 2016 has already brought about new artists and music types, hopefully Zac Samuel will come back from his remix hiatus and add to the musical frenzy.

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