the rain break

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Claude VonStroke has officially released his highly anticipated EP “The Rain Break”. The owner of San Francisco based label Dirtybird is back from his well deserved six-month hiatus. His last released remix track, “Omen” by British electronic music duo Disclosure, was “one of the more imaginative remixes we’ve heard,” according to John Cameron of We Got This Covered.

The title track off his EP is an eloquently weaved track that combines the infectious bassline and vocals from 80’s tracks, Raze’s “Break for Love” and Oran Juice Jones’ “The Rain”. The minute-long intro to “The Rain Break” has an exciting buildup into Raze’s bassline that’ll give anyone goosebumps. VonStroke’s intertwines Jones’ vocals in a way that adds a new value to his own production whilst adding a re-inventive idea to these 80’s classics. VonStroke took Raze’s and Jones’ songs and remixed them to fit his sound without taking away the beloved values of the originals. The funky rhythm of this track is exactly the sound that audiences love about Dirtybird. VonStroke explains that “Break for Love” and “The Rain” were infectious earworms and he “just thought they went together so well that I ran with it.”

The video for this track is a great supplement to this shoulder-jumping hit. Directed by New York City-based photographer Simon Cave, The chilling dark story follows a protagonist who believes in “an eye for an eye”. The EP and video elicit pure excitement as audiences are gearing for VonStroke’s work to come. It’s evident that the music world is in uproar because the boss himself has released another collection showing off his creative genius. It’s only April, and we can only anticipate what the rest of the year has to offer.

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